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Chef Alvin Fernandes, born in Kuwait City in 1979, was raised by parents of Indian and Portuguese descent and was surrounded by the cuisines and cultures of the Middle East.

My taste and curiosity for food came to me at an early age in my life. Not only was mother well versed in the traditional Indo-Portuguese cuisines but I also remember being surrounded by my uncles who were all seasoned chefs; one of whom was the head chef for the Gandhi family in India.

ChefFood and family gatherings are never taken lightly with the Fernandes family.  Everything was fresh, vibrant, and organically grown off the land. The memories of the sights, sounds, tastes and countless aromas will always be a part of my soul. I believe that’s by far the best way, if not the only way, I can explain my passionate dedication to creating fresh simple food.

I have traveled to the many regions of India along with the number of years I spent in the Middle East; traveling to Cyprus and being bombarded with many different European and Mediterranean cultures and cuisines. I will forever be grateful for having the pleasure of being in different countries that were melting pots of the world. My vision has always been to educate and expose people to the possibilities of creating very simple foods, taking clean and fresh ingredients and pleasing many.

I began my career as a sous chef in Indianapolis working at such notable restaurants as Nordstrom Grill,  Barcelona Tapas and Iozzo’s Garden Of Italy where I was responsible for the opening and establishment of Iozzo’s in the heart of downtown Indianapolis.  Later I became the Head Chef for Ambrosia Centro and at Adalino’s Old World Kitchen.  Located next to the Purdue University, Adalino’s gave me the experience of a lifetime dealing with so many people from all walks of life. My craving for knowledge, dedication, strong family values and a sense for hard work is my motivation. I strive to be up to date, not only on eating trends but the science of good cooking, willing to take calculated risks producing tasty and healthy dishes. These characteristics have always been my strongest assets in achieving my goals in a highly challenging, dynamic and demanding food industry.

Times are changing in the food and restaurant industry. People are starting to become more aware of the importance of nutrition and healthy eating combined with keeping a fit and a long fruitful lifestyle. Families are becoming more aware of the importance of proper eating habits to nurture children and raise healthy families. This is my mission and where I come into the picture. As a Chef, I am in a position to showcase my ability to create healthy, fresh, clean and vibrant foods and to make you’re healthy living a phone call or a brisk walk away a reality.

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